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Moscow 119017 Russia

17/1 Malaya Ordynka Str.

Tel: +7 (495) 771-32-52

E-mail: weia@hse.ru


Dean Sergey A. Karaganov

Deputy Dean (Academic Progress in Undergraduate and Master's Programmes) Igor G. Kovalev

Deputy Dean (Finance and Administration) Denis Anatolyevich Medvedev

Deputy Dean (Teaching and Learning and Postgraduate Programmes) Andrey Suzdaltsev

Deputy Dean for Admissions and Alumni Relations Ekaterina Entina

Russia: A Thorny Transition from Communism

Lukin A.

Delhi: Vij Books India, 2019.

Russian–Chinese Cooperation in Central Asia and the Idea of Greater Eurasia

Lukin A.

India Quarterly. 2019. Vol. 75. No. 1. P. 1-14.

Book chapter
Active consumers in Russian electric power industry: barriers and opportunities

Volkova I., Сальникова Е. А., Гительман Л. М.

In bk.: Challenges and Solutions in the Russian Energy Sector. Springer, 2018. Ch. 4. P. 27-35.

Round table discussion: “World Trade & Economic Sanctions”

Event ended
On March 19 Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs and the Fletcher School of Law and International Relations will gather leading international experts at the Higher School of Economics to discuss the role of sanctions in modern international relations, current trends in global trade and future prospects for the world economy.

In particular, experts will discuss and debate the prospects and purposes of the US-Russian confrontation, role of sanctions in the Russia-West relations and what purposes do they serve, modern trade wars and its influence on international economic integration and liberalization. This discussion aims to contribute to the study of economic sanctions as the new normality in the international relations.


  1. Prof. Daniel Drezner (Fletcher School)
  2. Prof. Chris Miller (Fletcher School)
  3. Prof. Anastasia Likhacheva (HSE)
  4. Prof. Maxim Bratersky (HSE)
  5. Prof. Dmitry Suslov (HSE)

Registration is required (number of participants is limited): https://we.timepad.ru/event/929182/

Graduate and Postgraduate students interested in the topic are encouraged to apply.