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Moscow 119017 Russia

17/1 Malaya Ordynka Str.

Tel: +7 (495) 771-32-52

E-mail: weia@hse.ru

Deputy Dean (Academic Progress in Undergraduate and Master's Programmes) Igor G. Kovalev
Deputy Dean (Finance and Administration) Denis Anatolyevich Medvedev
Deputy Dean (Teaching and Learning and Postgraduate Programmes) Andrey Suzdaltsev
Deputy Dean for Admissions and Alumni Relations Ekaterina Entina

10th University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2019

Event ended
The 2019 University Scholars Leadership Symposium (USLS) will be held at the Istana Budaya or also known as the Palace of Culture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. USLS will be a life-transforming experience. The University Scholars Leadership Symposium 2019 will be held from August 1 to 7.

The Symposium is creatively planned to help you discover your hidden potential as well as actively engages you in learning experiences beyond the Conference rooms. The event will enable you to acquire robust confidence, goal-setting capabilities, self-reliance and independence, and sharpen your cutting edge, prerequisites for the next generation of 21st Century leaders.

Since the inception of the 1st USLS in 2010, Humanitarian Affairs has partnered more than 500 of the World’s leading Universities, many are listed by The Times Higher Education World University Rankings or QS World University Rankings. Some of our Academic Partners include Harvard, Princeton, Yale, University of Cambridge, Oxford University, King’s College, London, University of Toronto, University of Melbourne, University of Tokyo, Seoul National University, Yonsei University, University of Hong Kong, National Taiwan University, National University of Singapore, Beijing University, among others.
For many of these universities, sending delegates to the annual Symposium has become an integral part of their leadership development and life-skills training. Their participation in the Symposium has helped shaped and spurred their students’ communities in global mission.

The core objective is to provide you with the opportunity to learn what will make you, not only a leader but, an effective and distinctive leader. We offer you also carefully researched and tested insights on how to sharpen your cutting edge.

The distinguished panel of professional trainers, life coaches and world renowned humanitarian workers, will not only motivate you but will show you how to realize the boundless scope of your potential and to be an agent of change globally.

The USLS has some of the world-renowned life coaches and motivational speakers that believe that all the young scholars have the wisdom and power within them to make their life what they want it to be. Our motivational speakers have gained international acclaim and recognition for their humanitarian work. Their inspirational stories of survival in the face of adversity and lost hope demonstrate the extraordinary strength of the human spirit. These humanitarians acknowledge the fact that there are people out there that have been failed by our systems, people whose rights have been violated, and deserve our help and compassion; their work and perseverance serve as inspiration to many. The following is a short summary of some of our unabashedly outspoken motivational speakers that deliver truly inspiring lectures.

The list of the speakers 2019:

  • Hillary Yip - 13-year-old founder and CEO of MinorMynas
  • Geraldine Cox - President and Founder
  • Arifa Nasim - Founder & Executive Director
  • David Begbie – Founder
  • Professor Tan Eng Chye – The President of National University of Singapore
  • Sam Cawthorn - CEO and Founder
  • Chris Temple - Documentary Filmmaker & Co-Founder

For more information please call to the Asia Secretariat at +66-85-2323-234 during office hours from Monday to Friday (9.00am to 6.30pm, Bangkok time).