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17 Malaya Ordynka, building 1, room 408

Phone: +7(495)772-95-90*15599

email: irs@hse.ru

School Head Vera Vishnyakova
Deputy Head Evgeny Kanaev
Manager Inna Kim
Assistant Murad Sadygzade
Head of the Middle Eastern and North African Studies section Andrey Baklanov
Head of European Studies section Timofey Bordachev
Head of Ibero-American Studies section Olga V. Volosyuk
Head of the Linguistic Aspects of Regional Studies section Olga Nesterova
Head of the South Asian Studies section Olga Solodkova
Head of Post-Soviet and Russian Studies section Andrey Suzdaltsev
Achieving the Vision of the ASEAN Economic Community-2025: The Role of ASEAN Business Advisory Council

Kanaev E., Akhmanaeva S., Vaseneva E.

Southeast Asia: Actual Problems of Development. 2020. Vol. 1. No. 46. P. 13-28.

Book chapter
ASEAN in the “Brave Digital World”

Kanaev E., Simbolon L., Shaternikov P.

In bk.: Регионы в современном мире: глобализация и Азия. Зарубежное регионоведение. St. Petersburg: Алетейя, 2020. P. 57-66.

The Pre-Defense of the Thesis for the PhD Degree (Political Science)

*recommended age
Event ended
On October 6, 2020, at 3.30 p.m., the School of International Regional Studies will organize the pre-defense of  the thesis prepared by a 3rd year PhD student Zhang Zihao for the PhD degree in political science (specialty 23.00.04 – Political Problems of International Relations, Global and Regional Development).

The thesis topic:

Structural Differences in Counterterrorism Policies of the Russian Federation, the European Union, and the United States of America: a Comparative Analysis

The academic supervisor:

PhD (Political Science), Associate Professor, School of International Regional Studies, Scientific Supervisor, Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) Timofey Bordachev.

The thesis reviewers:

  • PhD (Political Science), Associate Professor,  School of International Regional Studies, Research Fellow, Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) Sergey Shein;
  • PhD (Political Science), Associate Professor, School of International Affairs, International Relations Bachelor’s Programme  Academic Supervisor Ekaterina Entina;
  • Senior Lecturer, School of International Affairs, Deputy Director, Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS) Dmitry Suslov.

To join the pre-defense, please follow the ZOOM link


The Meeting ID: 917 6072 1428

The Meeting Passcode: 278494