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17 Malaya Ordynka, building 1, room 115

Phone: +7(495)772-95-90*23171

email: irs@hse.ru

School Head Olga V. Volosyuk
Deputy Head Evgeny Kanaev
Assistant Murad Sadygzade
Coordinator of student project activities, Senior Lecturer Elmira Imamkulieva
Alexandra Khiteva
Manager Alexandra Khiteva

International cooperation in the Arctic region and the Northern Sea Route: sustainable development, challenges and prospects

About the Project

This project is a logical continuation and development of the first international project "The Arctic as a zone of cooperation and a zone of competition", successfully implemented by the School of International  Regional Studies in 2021/2022. The new 2022/2023 project is focused on the research direction and is international, regional and interdisciplinary one. It is implemented in cooperation with the University of Oslo (Norway) (UiO), School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University (India), Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) and the Arctic Economic Council.

The Arctic has been and remains one of the most interesting international regions, both in terms of its constituent institutions and the nature of the interaction of countries within it. Up until the beginning of 2022, cooperation in the Far North seemed to be one of the most stable among all possible. But the current geopolitical trends bring with them a number of new challenges that raise the relevance of international cooperation in the Arctic to a new even higher level, and stimulate the search for an optimal model of cooperation in the Arctic region.  The current geopolitical situation is characterized by the urgency of building flexible formats of interaction. The appearance on the world political map of a significant number of centers of power, differing in the degree of development of information technology, military, and economic potentials, creates additional requirements for leading players in the field of maintaining stable ties, including in the Arctic region. In turn, the importance of the Northern Sea Route continues to grow every day, and even opinions are beginning to meet that in the near future it will be able to compete with such serious international transport corridors as the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal.  At the same time, to date, many issues related to the effective management of the resources of this region, issues of environmental safety and conservation of this region, issues of the international legal regime of both the Arctic itself and the Northern Sea Route are still largely open and debatable.

The project format allows students not only to develop multilaterally and gain experience in writing scientific texts, but also helps to establish contacts with colleagues from Russian and foreign universities. Project participants can work both individually and in collaboration with each other.

Since the project is not only international, but also interdisciplinary, students can choose any topic related to legal, environmental, economic, political and other aspects of the functioning of this region for their scientific research. 

Within the framework of the project, participants will prepare a literature review on the proposed issues; will have the opportunity to listen to lectures by invited speakers-specialists in the field of the Arctic and the Northern Sea Route; will make a presentation on selected research areas and prepare scientific publications.

 The project will result in two international round tables where the project participants will present the results of their research to a group of scientists and experts from Russia, Norway, Iceland and other countries

The project will be implemented in Russian and English language.

The purpose of this project is to conduct scientific research in the field of political, economic, environmental, legal and other issues related to the Arctic region, its history and place on the geopolitical map of the world and in the system of international relations, as a result of which students will develop knowledge and research skills in the field of the Arctic region and the Northern Sea Route. The implementation of the project will contribute to the strengthening of international scientific ties between Russia and foreign universities and international organizations, as well as the acquisition of experience by students in conducting international scientific projects.

Project News:

On October 7, 2022

On October 18, 2022

On October 28, 2022

On November 17, 2022,

On December 7, 2022

HSE University Supervisors

Irina Strelnikova

Research Fellow

Associate professor, PhD in Law, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, School of International Regional Studies
Olga Kharina

Research Fellow

PhD in Political Sciences, Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, School of International Regional Studies

Far Eastern Federal University

Pecheritsa Vladimir

Professor, PHD in Historical Sciences

Novosibirsk, Russia

Brodt Luisa

Senior Lecturer in Environmental Economics at Novosibirsk State University

Research Fellow in Arctic Policy at Stanford US-Russia Forum (link: https://usrussia.stanford.edu/portfolio-2-2/luiza-brodt).
Specialization: Arctic offshore oil and gas resources, energy security.


Alla Pozdnakova

University of Oslo. The Faculty of Law Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law UiO, Specialization: International Law, Law of the Sea, Space law
Irina Zhilina

Advisor, Arctic Economic Council

Irina Zhilina is originally from Murmansk and currently based in Tromsø (Norway), where she is working as an advisor at the Arctic Economic Council. Since 2011 she has been closely engaged with various projects connected to economic development and international cooperation in the Arctic. Previously she worked at the University of Tromsø for the research project devoted to Russian-Norwegian collaboration in offshore resource management. She has also worked at the Arctic Centre in Rovaniemi (Finland). She has a Master’s degree in International relations and law in Polar Regions from the University of Akureyri, Iceland.


Jonathan Wood

Iceland Co-Founder of Association of Polar Early Career Scientists, Akureyri, Iceland Editor and Peer Reviewer оf Nordicum Mediterraneum, Akureyri, Iceland, which is an Icelandic E-Journal of Nordic and Mediterranean Studies, focusing on issues such as good governance, polar law, and philosophy

List of Participants

Arina Rusakevich

Maria Yakovskaya

Popov Dmitrii

Fomina Arina

Varvara Savinkova

Maksim Maiorov

Dobromira Kostadinova

Kopyshova Elizaveta

Daria Muzhikova

Khusravkhon Nabiev

Baidakov Egor

Storozhok Maria

Shapovalov Alexander

Ananina Polina

Polina Shet

Ekaterina Rodionova

Volkov Grigory

Wang Yali

Aleksandra Sechko

Chistikov Matvei

Shavkunova Snezhana

Lei Shuang

Luo Xuan

Arina Dorofeeva

Vadim Maksimov