Bachelor's Programmes

This programme trains students to navigate the wide array of theoretical and practical challenges that economists face due to the frequent changes occurring in the modern world. Our students will learn how to apply the theory and methodology of economic science to investigate world economic processes and to put their conclusions into practice. Students will become familiar with methods of analyzing world commodity and financial markets, ways to enhance the competitiveness of goods and services, various types of foreign economic activity and international payments, patterns in integration processes throughout the world and the activities of international economic organizations.

The HSE Bachelor’s programme in International Relations offers a unique educational experience as it aims to produce IR specialists with fundamental knowledge in Economics who are also capable of working as analysts, IR experts, consultants, etc. In today’s world, it is no longer enough to simply be informed about the situation in a particular country or region, or to be able to analyse processes in various spheres, such as economics, politics, security, culture or IT. Instead, it is much more important to see the interconnection of all of these areas, while also being ready to constantly upgrade one’s knowledge with ever newer components from various subjects and fields.

One of the most balanced and comprehensive programmes offered by a European university covering the countries and populations of Asia. Students undertake at least one Asian language (Arabic, Chinese, Korean or Japanese) and can choose a programme trajectory: either the historical-cultural development of Asian countries, or their economic-social development. A lot of time is devoted to developing the students’ practical skills, working with numerous institutions in Asian countries, as well as to examining business models and social-political processes. A range of units are offered in English, many of them by native speakers. Graduates can continue with a Master’s programme, administered in collaboration with European and Asian universities, or can find work in the academic, analytical or practical spheres in areas connected to Asian countries and Russian politics in this region.

Whether you plan to pursue a career in business, civil service or academia, the international bachelor’s programme in World Politics offered by HSE University will provide you with the foundation you need to succeed. Students gain a profound understanding of how society and politics operate, studying everything from international finance and globalisation to news and information management. Starting with the second year of studies, students can choose one of four tracks: International and Corporate Finance, Journalism and Global Media, Strategic Communications Management or Law and Corporations in the Modern World. In addition to becoming fluent in English—the language of instruction—you will master a second foreign language of your choice.

This is a practice-oriented, English-language double-degree bachelor’s programme based at leading universities in Russia and Asia. After admission, students are enrolled at two universities simultaneously: the first, second, and fourth years of the programme take place in Moscow, while the third year takes place at Kyung Hee University (Seoul) and other leading Asian universities.