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School of International Affairs


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Book chapter
The Russian perspective on UN peacekeeping Today and tomorrow

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Working paper
Factory Asia and Asia-Pacific Economic Regionalism: The Connectivity Factor Revisited

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About the School

The School of International Affairs brings together specialists who combine teaching ability with academic work. Many are actively involved in international relations and foreign policy. Members of the department are involved in implementing educational programmes, based on the unique school of international research characterised by an analysis of the interdependent nature of the world economy and international relations, which boasts a profound realism and combination of western and eastern research.

Where Will Russia's Protests Lead?

A new article “Where Will Russia's Protests Lead?” by Prof. Alexander Lukin was published on 29 March 2017 in the magazine “The National Interest”.

VII International Russian-Chinese Summer School “Economic Instruments of Foreign Policy in the Modern World” July 6-13, 2017

Applications are accepted until May 7, 2017

Russian Foreign Policy: Risky Successes

An article of the Dean of the School of World Economy and International Affairs S. Karaganov co-authored with PhD students of the school D. Novikov and K. Chernyavskaya “Russian Foreign Policy: Risky Successes” was published in the Spring issue of Harvard International Review. The article focuses on provisional results and perspectives of the Russian foreign policy.

The EU Looks Like the Dying Soviet Empire

Alexander Lukin, head of the Department of International Relations at National Research University Higher School of Economics, published an article on the magazine's website "The National Interest"

Missiles in Europe: Back to the Future?

Sergei Karaganov, Doctor of History, is Dean of the School of World Economics and International Relations at the National Research University–Higher School of Economics.

2nd Annual Workshop for Young Academic Elites

On November 10th-16th 2015, the 2nd Annual Workshop for Young Academic Elites was held at the East China Normal University. Elena Sidorova, 4th-year student of the Faculty of Economics at HSE Nizhny Novgorod took part in the event.

Russia, China and the Emerging Greater Eurasia

Professor Alexander Lukin has published an article on Russia and China relations in an online journal The Asan Forum. The article analyzes underlying fundamental causes for Russia and China drawing together and discusses the future of emerging Greater Eurasia.

'HSE Is the Best Place for Work on Issues in International Relations'

HSE has held the 5th International Relations Russia-China Summer School 'Eurasia 2020: Prospects for cooperation.' The school has been held since 2011 by the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs jointly with the East China Normal University (Shanghai, China). This year it was held with support from the Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund. This is the only summer school of this kind held in Russia.

Alexander Lukin Took Part in Civil BRICS Forum

On June 30 the Civil BRICS Forum was held in Moscow. Leading international experts from BRICS countries took part in the event.