Bachelor's Programmes

World economy (RU)

The program meets the demand of modern labour market for highly-qualified specialists in the field of world economy.

The main goal of the program is to prepare high-class economists, managers of different levels for Russian and foreign companies, international organizations and governmental agencies.

Graduates of the program are capable to carry out business analysis of world commodity and financial markets, understand conditions of increasing competitiveness of goods and services, feel comfortable in foreign trade, international settlements and business, global integration processes and international economic organizations’ activities.

International Relations (RU)

“International Relations” is aimed to prepare an expert in international affairs who may easily operate at least two foreign languages (English or Russian for non-Russian speakers and another one from the following list: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic). We suppose that our students will have a solid base to become experts, officials and persons responsible for the international activity of the companies in the future. That’s why the principal idea of our bachelor program is to combine history and theory of international relations with grounds of economics, including world economy and international business, grounds of Big data analysis, qualitative and quantitative research. By doing that, we response to one of the main challenges of the modern world – interconnectivity and interdisciplinary.

Asian and African Studies (RU)

Among European universities - one of the most balanced and complex prorgammes for research of Oriental people and countries. Obtained knowledge may be implemented in any practical or scientific sphere. One or more oriental language is being studied; besides, students can choose a preferable educational specialization: History and Culture or Social-Economic Development of Far Eastern/Middle East Countries.

HSE and University of London Parallel Degree Programme in International Relations

The Bachelor in International Relations is an English-taught parallel degree programme that combines the academic strengths of HSE and University of London and enables students to earn Russian and British degrees. Over the course of four years, students study a wide range of subjects, including political science, history, economics, and foreign languages. Graduates of the programme are well prepared to begin their careers in business, civil service or academia, or to continue their education by pursuing a master’s degree in Russia or internationally.

HSE and Kyung Hee University Double Degree Programme in Economics and Politics in Asia

Economics and Politics in Asia is an English-taught double degree program that is based on the best traditions of International (Area) Studies in Russia and abroad, combining fundamental university education and a practice-oriented approach. This programme has the academic support of the College of International Studies Kyung Hee University, and thereby combines top Russian and Asian educational standards in International (Area) Studies. The first two years, as well as the fourth year, take place at HSE in Moscow, while in the third year, students have an opportunity to study in Korea, China and Japan. Moreover, students will not only receive two degrees in International Studies, but also have an opportunity to acquire an additional specialization in Global Business or International Relations.

The graduates receive:

  • HSE Degree: Bachelor of Area Studies.
  • Kyung Hee Degree: Bachelor of International Studies (Chinese/Korean/Japanese Studies);
  • Supplement to Kyung Hee Degree in Minor: “Global Business” or “International Relations”.

B.A. holders in International Studies have a vast array of job opportunities. They may chose careers in the business sector, including domestic and global enterprises. They can also pursue careers in the public sector in governmental, semi-governmental, nongovernmental, and international organizations. Some of them may join the mass media, both domestic and international, after graduation.

B.A. holders in International Studies are also encouraged to continue their study at the graduate level both in Russian, Korean and other foreign universities.

Master's Programmes

World Economy

There are three areas of specialization within the program:

  • “Regulation of Russian and world energy and primary commodity markets”
  • “International trade policy”
  • “Global governance and finance”

The master’s program is based on the main trends, issues and prospects of the world economy and aims to provide systematic knowledge of its development as an interdependent system of national economies, international organizations and transnational structures interacting on the global stage.

The program combines goals of in-depth fundamental education, development of scientific-research skills and expertise required for highly qualified employees.


International Relations: European and Asian Studies

The program is focused on the modern labor market, where is a large demand for highly qualified specialists with universal competence in the field of world economics and politics.

General goal of the program is to train top-level IR specialists of high demand in the administrative board of Russian public and private sphere, as well as in research area.

Program alumni possess all the necessary knowledge and skills for being enrolled as experts and analysts in the field of international relations, foreign strategy elaboration for state administration, promotion of Russian business interests on the international market.


Master of International Business

The Master of International Business (MIB) program is a unique hybrid of a business degree and an international affairs degree. The MIB aims to equip students with both the traditional business skills and the knowledge in the political, economic and socio-cultural aspects of the global marketplace. Unlike the standard MBA which is insufficiently international or globalizes functionally oriented curricula, this programme ensures that graduates not only understand how companies operate, but also the complex context in which they operate.

This unique innovative programme is the first of its kind in Russia. The curriculum and the core aspects of the programme meet the requirements of the world's most advanced MIB programmes. The graduates of the MIB program receive a state-accredited diploma.


Socioeconomic and Political Development of Modern Asia

Programme is aimed at training researchers to conduct inter-disciplinary research and to use internationally recognized methods of study in the areas of politics, economics, sociology, culture, ethnicity, religions, and linguistics with regard to Asian countries and peoples. The programme is transparently formulated to allow our students to enhance their career prospects internationally in academics, diplomacy, non-governmental and governmental corporations.


International Relations in Eurasia

The programme is delivered in collaboration with the University College London, UK, and the University of Kent, UK (separate tracks). Teaching in the programme is based on multidisciplinary approach which allows students to examine complex interrelationship of politics and economics in today’s globalized world with the focus on Eurasian studies. Students of the programme benefit from studying in truly international groups under the supervision of international faculty and experts from academia, business and government institutions.

The programme has been run both independently by HSE and in partnership with British universities as a dual-degree programme since 2008. It aims to attract Russian and foreign Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Since the project began in 2008 many students from Russia, UK, USA, Taiwan, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and other countries have completed their Master’s degree at HSE and/or our partner universities.


International Trade Policy

This programme aims to train professionals who are capable of understanding, analyzing and applying the tools of contemporary trade policy in the global economic environment.

The programme has been developed as an innovative educational product aimed at preparing general-purpose specialists, such as analysts, consultants, and experts who work for businesses on international markets and in the field of regulating foreign economic relations. The training results in students learning unique competencies in conducting foreign business operations in a rapidly changing environment. It also gives them the skills required for multilateral and regional regulation, as well as those necessary to use and analyze international trade regulation tools, carry out trade negotiations and interact with government agencies, and regional and international organizations.

Doctor of economic Sciences, Professor Zuev V. N. is the programme head and also the author of the course «International economic relations and global economic governance».


Economics, Politics, and Business in Asia

New programme. First intake in 2020.

Practice-oriented, English-language dual Master’s degree programme at leading universities in Russia and Asia. Students are enrolled at two universities simultaneously and select one of the following tracks: Business in Asia or International Relations in Asia. The first and final semester of the programme take place in Moscow, and the second and third at Kyung Hee University (Seoul).

Graduates of the programme will be awarded:

  • a Master’s degree in Foreign Area Studies from HSE University;
  • a MBA in Asian Business or MA in International Relations from Kyung Hee University.

This will enable graduates to build careers relating to countries in Asia across a wide range of specializations.

Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development

The master’s programme is aimed at training global and corporate specialists—professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the role of ecological issues in the development of the global economy, industry markets, and the creation of corporate and investment strategies. Graduates of the programme possess the necessary skills to conduct economic analysis of ecological problems and sustainable development.