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17 Malaya Ordynka, building 1, room 115

Phone: +7(495)772-95-90*23171

email: irs@hse.ru

School Head Olga V. Volosyuk
Deputy Head Evgeny Kanaev
Assistant Murad Sadygzade
Coordinator of student project activities, Senior Lecturer Elmira Imamkulieva
Alexandra Khiteva
Manager Alexandra Khiteva

The project “Student International Collaborative Research Program 2021-2022. Northeast Asia after the Pandemic - Political and Economic Analysis”

The project “Student International Collaborative Research Program 2021-2022. Northeast Asia after the Pandemic - Political and Economic Analysis” is implemented in the 2021/2022 academic year by the School of International Regional Studies  of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs , National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russian Federation) and the Institute for Asian Studies and Regional Collaboration, Akita International University (Japan).


The program proved its success in the previous year becoming a virtual international platform for productive cooperation between students of the Russian Federation and Japan. Students were aimed at studying such Northeast Asian countries as the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan and the Russian Federation, their interaction and the main problems of the region.

In the academic year 2020-2021, the project was carried out in three main areas: 

 1) International conflicts as an extension of domestic politics.

 2) Connecting and Disconnecting Factors of Economic Relations in Northeast Asia.

 3) Perspectives on Regionalization in Northeast Asia from a Security Architecture and Cultural Integration Perspective.


The central tasks of the project are analysis of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the emerging political and economic directions, and assessment of the development potential of the space of stable multidisciplinary interaction in the Northeast Asia region.

The Covid-19 crisis seriously affected international relations in Northeast Asia. With its effective measures of disease containment, China became the only major country to see a positive economic growth (2.3%) in 2020 and its GDP is expected to grow by 8.5% in 2021 (as of June 2021). The power balance is changing. But we are yet to make a full analysis of the impacts of the pandemic on international relations in Northeast Asia. 

In 2021-2022 academic year ыtudents from Russia and Japan will work together to develop academic research and writings on cutting-edge topics to explore and find out the future of Northeast Asia. This program is conducted entirely online.

Akita International University

Youth Scientific Conference

Conference program

Artemy Aseev is the winner of the Round Table of Young Scientists

Report "Northeast Asia since 2012 - Political and Economic Analysis"


Project goal is an applied analytical analysis of the features of socioeconomic development, regional cooperation and foreign policy of the countries of Northeast Asia.

Students are assigned to work around three general topics:

  1.  Impacts of the pandemic of society and economy
  2.  International politics as part of domestic politics after 2020
  3.  Emergence of a new cold war structure

Within the framework of the project, participants will prepare a literature reviews on proposed topics; take a unique comprehensive lecture course by HSE and AIU experts, make a presentation on the selected research  areas in their working groups and exchange the achieved results.

By the end of the project, an international online conference will be held, where the students of HSE University and Akita International University will present the results of their research to a group of prominent scientists and experts.

The project is carried out according to the following steps:

  • The first meeting of project managers, experts and participants (HSE)

    On October 28, the first meeting of leaders, experts and participants of the project on the part of HSE University took place. During the meeting, the students learned about the features of the international collaborative research program 2021-2022, and received a number of recommendations from the experts on the selection of focuses for the proposed research. 

  • First Meeting

    On November 10, the Russian and Japanese students met with each other, as well as with the project leaders - Professor Tetsuya Toyoda, Dr. Elmira Imamkulieva and Academic Advisor Dr. Ksenia Spitsyna. The leaders of the research team made welcoming remarks and outlined the vectors of scientific interaction between the students of the Higher School of Economics and Akita International University. The project participants talked about themselves and their research interests, and shared their expectations from joint analysis of economic and political processes in Northeast Asia after the COVID-19 pandemic. Both sides emphasized their willingness to actively cooperate in teamwork throughout the duration of the project. 

  • Literature review

    One of the first steps of the project for students was the analysis of the proposed literature. During the working meetings from December 6 to 10, experts from the Higher School of Economics put forward a number of recommendations and suggestions for correcting the literature reviews for students on the Russian side. In addition, the topics of individual student research were approved. The final version of the literature review was handed over on December 19.

  • Individual Research Draft

    From January 10 to 15, students met with project leaders to evaluate drafts (first versions) of individual studies.

  • The first week of workshop

    On January 17-21, a series of lectures and master classes were prepared by the curators and experts of the project for students of the Higher School of Economics and Akita International University.

    on January 17

    • Lecture by Prof. Toyoda on "Northeast Asian Relations after the 2020 Pandemic".
    • Lecture by Dr. Eriks Varpahovskis on "South Korea's Ambition to become a trade center in Northeast Asia".
    on January 18
    • Lecture by Dr. Spitsyna on "Economic trends in North East Asia: countries and region".
    • Lecture by Prof. Toyoda on "Territorial Disputes and other Legal Disputes in Northeast Asia".
    on January 19


    Intensive work of students in three formed groups within the established research vectors and preliminary research results. 

    The scientific supervisors of the project put forward their suggestions for improving the content of the group work.

    on January 20
    • Lecture by Dr. Kevin Hockmuth on "South Korea’s developmental and authoritarian legacies, shaping the nature of the government's response to COVID-19".
    • Lecture by Prof. Sergei Luzyanin on "China's Rise after the 2019 Pandemic”.
    on January 21

    Students made presentations, taking into account comments on individual research from the project supervisors.

  • Zoom party

    Within the framework of the project, the participants met at the informal meeting. Zoom Party has created a comfortable cross-cultural platform for students' communication.

  • The second week of workshop

    On  February 14 - 18, within the framework of three Russian-Japanese research groups of students, each participant presented their individual research and introduced others to the details and main results of the work.

    on February 14


    In formed groups, participants presented the results of their individual studies. The professors and experts of the project asked questions and gave critical comments to each participant.                                                                After the research presentations, students worked on the formation of a group written report.

    on February 15


    Faculty members and project experts provided written comments on the group reports and presented them during the workshop.                                                                                                                                                            After the discussion, students developed new versions of the group presentations in session rooms.

    on February 16

    After comments received and working group meetings, Japanese and Russian participants made presentations on their individual contributions to the group reports.

    on February 17


    The workshop was devoted to preparation of the final group research and presentations.

    on February 18

    Final presentations of students' group works took place. The experts presented their final comments on the group and individual works.


HSE University

Vera Vishnyakova

Academic supervisor

Elmira Imamkulieva

Project supervisor

Ksenia Spitsyna

Scientific advisor

Polina Onikienko

Project Assistant

Akita International University

Tetsuya Toyoda

Project supervisor


HSE University

Elina Agrba

Artemy Aseev

Elvira Batyrshina

Aisylu Garaeva

Radina Ivanova

Daniil Savchenko

Anastasia Usovetskaya

Akita International University

Kiwamu Sato

Mashiro Hayashi

Mei Watanabe

Naoya Hara

Riku Sato

Yui Sato

Yuka Negishi