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Seminars within the framework of the project “European Integration - Eastern European Aspect”

In 2021 the Bulgarian Club of the National Research University Higher School of Economics and the International Laboratory on World Order Studies and the New Regionalism under the auspices of the Department of International Relations of the National Research University Higher School of Economics have launched regular seminars devoted to the discussion of contemporary international politics with the largest Bulgarian political experts.

Seminars are held within the framework of the project “European Integration: East European Aspect” under the guidance of Professor A. Lukin. The goal of the project is to acquaint the audience with the Eastern European vision of the problems of the European Union and the prospects for the development of relations with Russia as well as to create a platform for scientific discussion and analysis of these issues. A recording of the seminars can be viewed below.

Speaker: Theodore Christov, the Associate Professor of Honors in History and International Affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs of George Washington University


Speaker: Yordan Bozhilov, the chairman of the Sofia Security Forum


Speaker: Ruslan Trad, freelance columnist, journalist, and author with a focus on Syria, conflicts, hybrid warfare, and mercenaries. Discussant: Amal Vildanov, the Chairman of the HSE Middle East Club.


Speaker: Tsvetelina Penkova, a Member of the European Parliament


Speaker: Anatol Lieven, a British author, Orwell price winning journalist and political analyst


Speaker: Martin Vladimirov, the director of the energy and climate program at the biggest and oldest Bulgarian think tank the Center for Study of Democracy (CSD)


Speakers: Ekaterina Entina, A professor at the Department of Regional Studies and Director of the Center for Mediterranean Studies at HSE University and Head of the Department of Black Sea and Mediterranean Studies, Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences. Blagoje Babic worked at the Institute of International Politics and Economics in Belgrade as head of the Centre for World Economy and later a deputy director. He taught as full professor Mostar University, Universities in Novi Sad, Subotica, Sarajevo, and Belgrade.


Speaker: Marian Karagiozov, a research fellow at the Institute of Balkan Studies in the Bulgarian Academy of Science.


Speaker: Elena Poptodorova, the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to the USA (from 2002 to 2008 and from 2010 to 2016.), the Vice President of the Atlantic Treaty Association (ATA)


Speakers: Marlene Laruelle, Ph.D., a research professor at the Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University, and Fyodor Lukyanov, Editor-in-chief of the journal “Russia in Global Affairs”, Chairman of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy of Russia, research-professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics.



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