Scientific Seminar «Social and Humanitarian Policy of Spain in Latin America»

On January 20, 2021, The Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS HSE) and the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs of the HSE University held a scientific seminar «Social and Humanitarian Policy of Spain in the humanitarian policy of Spain in Latin America».

The presentation was given by Dr. Olga Volosyuk, Professor of the School of International Regional Studies at the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs of the HSE University.

The presentation reflected results of a comprehensive and multi-vector study of the evolution of Spain's foreign humanitarian policy in a broad historical context. Using a large body of empirical and statistical data as well as the results of current research projects, the speaker traced the transformation of institutions, tools, forms and practices of Spain's policy towards Latin American in the field of humanitarian cooperation. The complex political, cultural, social, humanitarian and linguistic ties have made Iberoamerica a constant focus for Spanish governments. At the same time, the experience of overcoming crisis situations in Spain's foreign policy partly echoes the processes in Russia's foreign policy that indicates high relevance of the study.

The participants of the scientific seminar made detailed comments on specific cases and areas of Spanish humanitarian policy in the region.

Daria Lobanova, Executive Director, Program Director of The Alexander Gorchakov Public Diplomacy Fund presented a report with the results of a detailed analysis of the organizational structure of the Spanish international social and humanitarian policy. Mrs. Lobanova covered problems of public diplomacy in Latin America considering its main principles and tools.

Vladimir Zaemsky, PhD, Vice-Rector of The Diplomatic Academy of The Russian Foreign Ministry, Ambassador of Russia in Venezuela (2009-2020) also spoke as a debater of the scientific seminar. Dr. Zaemsku presented an in-depth analysis of the political and socio-humanitarian processes in Venezuela and Latin American countries, and traced the role of external players as well as the Spanish factor in the political processes in the region.

A comprehensive analysis of Spain's humanitarian policy in the region based on a specific case of relations with Brazil was presented by Professor of the Department of International Relations of The RUDN University Dr. Alla Borzova. In her speech, the dynamic of relations between the two countries, placing special emphasis on cooperation in the field of education, science, student and academic exchanges, was detailed analyzed. The commentary also discussed the successful practices of Spain in the field of foreign humanitarian policy, which should be given special attention in the context of the implementation of the Russian international social and humanitarian policy.

At the end of the discussion, Anna Livia, a graduate of MGIMO University, made a brief comment of her vision of relations between Spain and Brazil. The scientific seminar was also attended by Dr. Anastasia Likhacheva (Director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies (CCEIS HSE) and representatives of the Russian Federal Agency «Rossotrudnichestvo».

The organizers cordially thank the distinguished speakers, panelists and all participants for a meaningful and in-depth scientific discussion.

Coordinator of the project – Lev Sokolshchik, PhD, Research Fellow at the CCEIS HSE.