Working Group PoliSci 2.0

PoliSci working group was established by Andrej Krickovic in 2014 and worked well till 2016. It contributed for some Scopus-indexied publications of Russian and international scholars of the School (A. Krickovic, M. Bratersky, A. Korolev, A. Likhacheva, Yu.Weber etc), allowed to build several co-authored projects and in general, crated an expertise, necessary for peer-review journals. Since 2017 Professor Spanger has organized a series of methodological seminars for master students and junior fellows of the School.

We are pleased to relaunch PoliSci WG seminar in October this year. It will involve graduated students and researchers.


  • Discussion of draft papers, conference proceedings, preprints.
  • Exchange of ideas about target audience, journals, conferences to deliver papers.
  • Networking.
  • Critical review.


  • Once per month.
  • Malaya Ordynka, 17
  • 1,5 hour.