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Moscow 119017 Russia

17/1 Malaya Ordynka Str.

Tel: +7 (495) 771-32-52

E-mail: weia@hse.ru

Deputy Dean (Academic Progress in Undergraduate and Master's Programmes) Igor G. Kovalev
Deputy Dean (Finance and Administration) Denis Medvedev
Deputy Dean (Teaching and Learning and Postgraduate Programmes) Andrey Suzdaltsev
Deputy Dean for Admissions and Alumni Relations Ekaterina Entina

The 6th International Conference on Global Governance

Event ended
On December, 3-4 Higher School of Economics will host the 6th International Conference on Global Governance: "Transforming Global Governance: Political Economy of Common Ground and Cooperation".

At the conference the leading experts in world economy and international affairs will share their views on the following issues:

Globalization & Deglobalization:

  • Is the global economy really entering the deglobalization era?
  • How do technological factors (automatization and robotics, e-commerce, virtual platforms etc.) affect globalization?
  • Is the fragmented world economy more sustainable and less vulnerable to shocks and crises than globalized one?

BRICS & beyond:

  • What changes are we expecting in this context from the new Brazilian president?
  • What is a role of innovations and technology modernization for the BRICS countries with their huge population?

International Finance:

  • How risky is the current situation in the international financial markets and how possible is the next financial shock?
  • What is the situation with the debt problem in developed and developing world?
  • To what extent are sanctions breaking the growth of world economy?

Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development:

  • Are there feasible opportunities to foster energy transition?
  • How do the changes in global energy landscape affect resource-abundant economies like Russia?
  • What are the linkages between energy transition and Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How achievable are Sustainable Development Goals for 2030?

Global governance to address global problems:

  • What may be the effect of the American mid-term elections on the US’ role in global governance?
  • How can the European Union overcome its structural problems?
  • Is UN role in providing common solutions for global problems weakening? Who else may develop these solutions


  • Sergei Karaganov, Russian political scientist and economist, the Dean of World Economy and International Affairs Faculty at HSE;
  • Dmitriy Suslov, expert in Russian foreign affairs, the Deputy Director of CCEIS;
  • Leonid Grigoriev, Russian economist, Chief Advisor to the Head of Analytical Center for the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • Manfred Hafner, professor in the field of international affairs and energy research, Johns Hopkins University (School of Advanced International Studies - SAIS);
  • Alan Cafruny, professor in the field of international affairs and European policy, University of Hamilton, USA;
  • Adrian Pabst, political scientist, University of Kent, United Kingdom;
  • Piotr Dutkevich, political scientist, Director of the Center for governance and public policy at Carleton University, Canada;
  • Georgy Toloraya, Executive Director of the National Committee on BRICS Research, Director of the Centre of Russian Strategy in Asia of Institute of Economics of Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Tatiana Mitrova, Director of SKOLKOVO Energy Centre;
  • Uma Purushothaman, Indian Observer Research Foundation

...and many others.

The working language of the Сonference is English.

Everyone interested in the topic is welcomed to attend the conference. Please, sign up for the event: http://www.wehse.ru/forms/register_20181203_ru.html

Venue: 17/1 Malaya Ordynka Street, 1st floor, room 106.

If you have any questions, please contact Arina Kholshcheva: aholshheva@hse.ru