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17 Malaya Ordynka, building 1, room 408

Phone: +7(495)772-95-90*15599

email: irs@hse.ru

School Head Olga V. Volosyuk
Deputy Head Evgeny Kanaev
Manager Inna Kim
Assistant Murad Sadygzade
Coordinator of student project activities, Senior Lecturer Elmira Imamkulieva
China in the Global South: Impact and Perceptions

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Springer, 2022.

The Pacific Island Countries in China's Current Policy
In press

Gorbatko A.

Southeast Asia: Actual Problems of Development. 2022.

Book chapter
The Role of trans-regional law in protecting states’ constitutional order

Entin M., Entina E., Torkunova E.

In bk.: Current issues of international law and comparative law. Kaliningrad: Immanuel Kant Baltic University Press, 2022. Ch. 6. P. 77-102.

Working paper
Early childhood education in Russia: The interrelation of income level and parental investment

Seliverstova Y.


Russia and the Islamic World: The History of Relationships and Their Development in the Present

On December 8, 2021, the School of International Regional Studies of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, HSE University within the framework of the permanent online seminars «Contemporary Area Studies», organized a meeting with Anna Belikova, chief specialist of the external communications service of the RT TV channel, lecturer at the Faculty of World Politics, Lomonosov Moscow State University and Faculty of International Regional Studies in RANEPA.

The topic was: «Russia and the Islamic world: the history of relationships and their development in the present».

The seminar was moderated by Dr. Vera Vishnyakova – Associate Professor, Head of the School of International Regional Studies, HSE University.

Anna Belikova in her speech emphasized three main areas. Firstly, were examined the questions of the historical retrospective of the formation of Russian-Islamic relations. Lecturer gave an overview of the main changes, starting from the very beginning of such relationships in the first half of the XXth century: back to the days of the Russian Empire up to the present day. Besides, within the framework of this cluster, the topic of the concept of «Islamic world» was raised and its interpretation among researchers was touched upon. Secondly, the lecturer highlighted the main topics of interaction between Russia and the Islamic world. It included the spheres of media (forums for journalists and researchers, cinema, festivals), economics (KazanSummit 2018) and education. In conclusion, Anna Belikova notes directions of research areas, where students can reflect their interest in the sphere of interaction between Russia and the Islamic world. For instance, the tracks of general historical perspective, the role of personality in history, the imprints of global catastrophic processes on the destinies of Muslims, and etc.

Summing up the results of the lecture, the speaker introduced a quote about the importance of spreading knowledge about each of the «worlds» in creating a common cultural space.