Expert discussion of U.S. - Russia relations with the delegation of the Stanford U.S. - Russia Forum (SURF)

On November 19, HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs held an expert discussion with Stanford U.S. - Russia Forum delegation. The discussion took place during a weeklong stay of the SURF delegation in Moscow, marking the program opening.

The following Russian experts made presentations on various aspects of Russia-US relations:
Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Director of the CCEIS, Senior Lecturer at Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs;
Mikhail Troitskiy, Director of the School of Government and International Affairs, MGIMO;
Ivan Timofeev, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Theory, MGIMO;
Maxim Suchkov, Senior Researcher, Laboratory of International Processes Analysis, MGIMO. 

After the presentations, a discussion took place with active SURF delegates’ participation.