Prof Andrej Krickovic Appears on TRT World’s Straight Talk Program

Associate Professor of World Economy and International Affairs Andrej Krickovic participated in Turkish Radio Television World’s “Straight Talk” Program. 

The topic of the program was the ongoing conflict in Syria’s Idlib province and the resulting humanitarian crisis which threatens to further destabilize Turkey and the broader region. Professor Krickovic helped to shed light on Russia’s Syria policy, arguing that Russia’s endgame in Syria is not to assure a complete victory by the Assad regime. Rather, Russia’s goal is to bring a stabile and peace to Syria that will reconcile all non-radical Islamist political forces in the country, thereby legitimating its military intervention in the country and demonstrating to the world community that it can play a positive role in ending internecine conflicts in the Middle East and beyond -- something that the US has been unable to do through its own military interventions. In doing so Russia is hoping to boost its international status and maintain its role as a major player in world politics.