Faculty Ambassador Volokhovsky Gleb performed at the school 1502 "Energy" (Moscow)

Our student of the bachelor’s programme “World Economy” within the framework of the project “Ambassadors of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs 2021-2022” organized an online meeting for students of his native school to share his personal experience about choosing a university and the peculiarities of studying at the Higher School of Economics.

The student graduated from school in 2020. In the project “Ambassadors of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs 2021-2022”, he was led by a desire to help applicants and, oddly enough, by the personal initiative of students in classes of economic and social-humanitarian profiles in consultation with a former student of the school.

The meeting took place online on May 13, 2022. The ambassador's task was not only to tell important information about entering the faculty, but also to motivate them not to be afraid of the high threshold of USE scores, because the HSE also takes into account individual achievements. This was especially important for the tenth graders present at the meeting – they are in for a difficult academic year, during which they will be able to participate in such school Olympiads as the Highest Test. There were many interested applicants among the students.

After the student's speech was over, the high school students asked a lot of questions, the most popular were:

  1. How does the programme “World Economy” differ from other HSE educational programs in economics?
  2. How is scientific activity carried out at the HSE?
  3. How realistic is it to go abroad for an internship?

Gleb spoke about his impressions of the meeting: “I was very happy to talk with the students of my native school. I personally know many of those who joined the online meeting, so there was a friendly atmosphere at the speech. I made it my goal to tell the audience that it is exciting to enter HSE, but everyone should apply here. I remember my senior year, which was interrupted due to the pandemic and was one of the most stressful in my life. I was afraid of the possibility of not going where I wanted to, so I spent days on telephone consultations with admissions committees. I really lacked an older comrade who would instill in me confidence in my strength. That is why I am happy to speak to high school students to express their support and support them in such a difficult period of study.”

The project “Ambassadors of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs 2021-2022” is being implemented by the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs under the guidance of Deputy Dean for Admissions and Alumni Relations Anna V. Zhikhareva.